Why FitRanX Thunder Bay?

Premier Fitness Center for Thunder Bay

FitRanX Thunder Bay is the premier body rejuvenation center in the area for busy adults. We know that you have a family, a job and other obligations. You don’t have time to spend two hours on a treadmill everyday in hopes of losing weight. Neither do we! At FitRanX Thunder Bay, we have a specific plan in place that helps generate results quickly and safely, without foregoing all your favorite foods or spending all day in the gym.​

About Your Functional Fitness Expert & Owner

Hey, I'm Steve! Thanks for dropping by. Here’s the bottom line: you want to feel and LOOK great! That’s what it all comes down to right? Most of us know we need to eat well and exercise to prevent heart disease, diabetes, strokes and a myriad of other highly preventable diseases. Do those things REALLY drive us to get up and do something about it? They usually do not. But, when we realize our ultimate motivator, whether it be looking good at the beach, having more energy for the kids, feeling more attractive, etc., meeting your goals becomes MUCH easier!​

Get The Results You're Looking For!

Even if what gets you going is pure and simple vanity, that’s OK, because when you train to make the outside look good, the inside gets better too! After all, the same training that lowers body fat and increases lean muscle mass, helping you achieve that tight, athletic look can also reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, help regulate blood sugar and a whole host of other health benefits. In other words, by getting what you want, you also get what you need!​

My Philosophy:

I am committed to motivate you to get into the best shape of your life! I believe there is no "magic pill" for weight loss and maintaining a healthy body.

My proactive approach to health and fitness is built upon evidence-based research and sound medical knowledge. I will create a personalized fitness plan that is challenging and suitable for your fitness level that produces the results you have always wanted but could not achieve on your own!

We use the following techniques in our training:

Personal and small group training; Kettlebell Training; TRX Suspension Training; Plyometrics; Functional Training; Bootcamp Training; Circuit Training; Interval Training; Speed and Agility Training; Strength and Conditioning; Cardiovascular Conditioning; Low-impact; Rehabilitation; Flexibility Training

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Losing weight and looking better isn’t the hard part; it’s maintaining it that becomes the challenge.

FitRanX Thunder Bay is not for everyone. If you are looking for fad diets, two hour workouts, or training until you puke, this is not the place for you. If you are looking for a fitness community that makes training fun, utilizes flexible dieting principles, keeps you injury free, and helps you lose weight and feel great without yo-yoing, then sign up for a trial to see what we’re all about for yourself!

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