Will You Be Next??

Goal:  make  a  life-altering  transformation

When you make a transformation like Sandra's, you will immediately notice drastic differences in your total health. You breathe easier, you move easier, and when you meet someone for the first time, you give a broad, confident smile. Be proud of who you are!

Goal: Get Ready For A Special Event!

Whether it's a wedding, a mud run or anything else you have to look and feel great to do - we are here to get you there. Just ask how!

Goal: Get Stronger and Better Conditioned

Not only will our workouts get you looking great, but you will actually be able to do more (or be more functionally fit) as a part of the FitRanX Thunder Bay family!

Goal: Look More Fit And Feel Great In Your Skin!

Fitness has a lot to do with self-confidence and body image. Sometimes, we like to amp up that visual appeal and this gets us on track. But along the way you may find other reasons to be more fit as well!

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